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The On-Air Advocate

Jun 22, 2022

As our Summer Series continues ...

The Power of Preplanning

I think we can all agree that being prepared and taking time to preplan can calm chaos and overwhelm throughout each day. Listen in to today's 10 minute shorty episode ( its really 20 minutes but giving myself grace) as we go through 17 simple preplanning strategies to help you go from chaos to calm. 

As I spoke about in the episode I want to share this very special new FREE resources from The On-Air Advocate: The Self-Care Toolkit for Special Needs Parents . This 15 page uplifting guide takes you through the power of affirmations, moments of gratitude, movement activities, calming practices and more. Remember self-care is the best care.

Thank you for tuning in! I would love to learn more about you, your journey, and what brought you to this episode The Power of Preplanning. Send me a message here and let's connect!