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The On-Air Advocate

Mar 29, 2018

Listen In as Robin Richards, founder and coach of MamasMomentum - takes us on a journey to explore the amazing world of self care and personal development through energy awareness and centering. 


Learn how to utilize an amazing yet simplistic chime as a tool for caregivers and those receiving care to center and...

Mar 27, 2018

Take a journey down the winding road of “Lewy Body Dementia - Through the Eyes of Two Amazing Caregivers .”
~Author of Other Me’s ~ Jim Adams
~Speaker~ Amy Lokken

Great Resources:
Lewy Body Dementia Association
Lewy Body Dementia
Alzheimer's Association, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter

Mar 26, 2018

As we continue our weekly focus on organizational strategies, we are so excited to welcome back our favorite Pharmacist, Health Educator & Producer of The Pharmacist Answers Podcast, Cynthia Hendrix. 


Listen in as we explore digital tools, apps, & the benefits of medication synchronization for saving trips to the...

Mar 22, 2018

As we continue our weekly focus on organizational strategies...

Listen in as John Dragstrem , Chief Operating Officer of Coyle Financial Counsel and author of Life without Mom & Dad takes us through developing a care plan utilizing
mind mapping

To learn more or to purchase “Life without Mom & Dad” - visit :

Mar 21, 2018

Calling All Caregivers...

From medications to therapies, doctor appointments & more ... it can all get a little crazy! How do you keep it all organized?

Listen In 👈🏼 As Dawn Boyesen Veselka author of the Body Check Journal & I tackle some of the most effective tools for caregivers to stay organized. Plus, learn...