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The On-Air Advocate

Apr 25, 2020

As our Hope Series continues, I am excited to welcome Catlin Smith, mental health advocate and author.📚 

Catlin Shares : I am 21 years old. I'm from Dallas, Texas. I moved to Kansas when I was 12 year old. It's been home ever since! I struggle with anxiety and depression and going through my journey of healing, I was able to find my voice in something so many people struggle with. I express myself through writing and connecting with people! I run a blog on Facebook called Inspired by Catlin where I blog about Mental Health and Women Empowerment! I addition, I am the other of a book called From Failure to Success. 

Listen in as Catlin shares her personal journey with mental health, information about her book from Failure to Success and how she provides hope to other those her blog Inspired By Catlin.