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The On-Air Advocate

Nov 17, 2018

“It takes a village” -❤️

Meet Hellen Achina an amazing woman from Nairobi,Kenya-East Africa who traveled the complex health care journey with her child.

After discovering the lack of services for her own child and the many challenges facing families with children that have special needs in Nairobi Kenya -East Africa. Hellen was looking to bridge the gap. Starting a support group Challenged With Hope. an online and offline support group that has been walking with parents through the joys, tears and challenges that we face.

As she has learned and grown in this process the challenge in Nairobi Kenya -East Africa for parents to have computer/internet access is great. Her mission now is to reach as many parents as possible by opening a Call(Help) Center as parents in Nairobi are greatly suffering in terms of information, support , medications, therapy among other things.

Listen in as Hellen shares more about the great need of resources for those families that have children with special needs in Nairobi, Kenya and the Mission of Challenged With Hope.

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Challenged With Hope