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The On-Air Advocate

Aug 26, 2020

As we continue our Resource Series, I am so excited to welcome , Dr. Jennifer Edwards, Wellness Scientist and Entrepreneur.

Jennifer started her career working in public health at the federal and local levels. She submitted presidential appointee health testimony to the U.S. Congressional Record and has served as Principal Investigator for Centers for Disease Control, Health Resources and Services Administration, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants.

She was an invited TEDx speaker on women’s wellness, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic. That didn’t stop her dedication to wellness. Brands like Tieks and Rothy’s have supported her mission.

She speaks to women about reversing burnout and created a four-step system to restore balance called Wellthy. Today, she is immersed in wellness and growing her multicultural clean beauty brand, Refinne. Grab a socially distant latte with her if you’re ever in Dallas where she lives with her husband and two children.

Listen in as Jennifer discusses the great importance overall wellness in our lives and tools to avoid burnout.