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The On-Air Advocate

Sep 21, 2022

As we continue our Back To School & Transition Series, I am excited to welcome Kristen Corrie, Owner of Sweet Abilities, Life Skills Job Coach, Special Education Teacher and employees Carla & Bret. 

Kristen Corrie taught transition age young adults at Lakeland School for 13 years and helped prep them for life after school. As a special education teacher she became discouraged seeing how many of her former students were not out working in the community after they graduated from my classroom. So she started Sweet Abilities in June 2020 with the mission to provide fulfilling and accommodating work opportunities so that all abilities can shine. Sweet Abilities is a mobile ice cream/sweet treat business that serves only locally made products with no artificial dyes or flavors. More importantly they employ 8 young adults who all have varying needs and abilities. 

Listen in Kristen shares more about Inclusion in the workplace, providing accommodating opportunities and following your dreams.

I would highly recommend checking out the YouTube video to see Sweet Abilities in action :) -



Sweet Abilities - on Facebook & Instagram 

Purple Door Ice Cream 

Tas-T Treats & Sweets

Carrie's Crispies

Pete's Pops

After interview message from Kristen: I hope we helped spread the word about the need for accommodating community work environments for those with all abilities as well as showing those watching how making a dream happen IS possible! 


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