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The On-Air Advocate

Jan 24, 2020

As we turn our focus to All Things Employment. I am excited to welcome Chris Blezien to today’s show.

Chris has mild Cerebral Palsy and is 38 years old. He has had several jobs including Cashier at the Kane County Cougars. He had the privilege of interning at Disney World in Orlando Florida in 2003 as a Guest Services Host. Chris attended College Of Dupage and worked at Walmart as a greeter from 2007-2014 . His most recent job was as a Guest Services Ambassador in 2017. Chris has tried getting employment services from Department of Rehab but, it ended up being a dead end. At the initial meeting a counselor assigned to Chris told him that he had done too much for employment services and that she had people waiting five years just to get a part time job. Then he found Achieving Independence and Mobility Center for independent living who he is working with to this very day. Chris can't begin to express how much they have helped and encouraged him. They have given Chris housing leads, helped him with resume writing and encouraged Chris to go back to college and complete his degree.

Listen in as Chris shares his personal story and journey along with valuable insight into employment for those that are differently abled.