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The On-Air Advocate

Apr 8, 2021

As we spotlight this April Sjogren’s Awareness Month, I am so excited to welcome, Janet Church, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Sjogren’s Foundation.
Janet Church is the President and CEO of the Sjogren's Foundation. Sjogren's is a serious and systemic autoimmune disease affecting 4 Million Americans. The Sjogren's Foundation provides education, awareness, and research grants that support the entire Sjogren’s community of patients, medical providers, and researchers. As a Sjogren's patient herself, she has a deep understanding of living with this autoimmune disease and is dedicated to leading the Foundation to conquer the complexities of Sjogren's.
Listen in as Janet Church shares her journey living with Sjogren’s as well information on the amazing resources and supports available through the Sjogren’s Foundation and how you can help drive awareness this April.
Sjögren's Foundation