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The On-Air Advocate

Jul 31, 2018

Special Edition -As we celebrate “Inclusive Restrooms Awareness Day” I am excited to welcome, Heather Malone, advocate, caregiver, parent to a son with special needs & an administrator of the North Carolina Changing Spaces Group.

Heather’s son Teddy was born at 27 weeks to eclapmsia, weighing only 1lb 7 oz. He spent his first 3 months of life in the NICU. Currently, Teddy is now 7 years old his conditions include cerebral palsey, eplilepsy, g and jtubes, a tracheostomy and he is legally blind.

Listen in as Heather shares her families journey, why there is such a great need in the United States for powered adult size changing tables in public restrooms and what the #warsONfloorsChallenge is all about & how you can get Involved.

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Changing Spaces USA
Changing spaces - North Carolina