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The On-Air Advocate

Feb 27, 2019

As we kick off our Rare Disease Awareness Interview Series , I am excited to welcome, Kirsten, Entrepreneur, Founder of online store Graphic Organic Graphic Designer, Chronic Illness Blogger, Chronic Illness & Mental Health Advocate & Denise , MSW, Founder/Life Coach , Chronic Warrior Collective, LLC
(Formerly, Chronic Connection, LLC)
Chronic Warrior Society

Kirsten is 22 years old and lives in Belgium. She has experienced chronic pain and fatigue since I was 9 years old but got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and M.E. at 19 years old. After high school she took graphic design, art and business courses. Kirsten joined the spoonie community and became a young adult board member of the Chronic Warrior Collective (then: Chronic Connection) and met many inspiring fellow warriors. In October 2017 she opened her online store Graphic Organic where they sell eco-friendly and fair-trade graphic tees and stationary. She also does freelance graphic design projects and blogging on the side.

Listen in as we learn more about Kirsten’s condition & her inspiring journey plus, how Denise of Chronic Warrior Collective has played a very impactive roll for so many in the rare/chronic community .

Kirsten’s Website: