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The On-Air Advocate

Dec 30, 2021

As we continue our Cholangiocarcinoma Series I am excited to welcome, Melinda Bachini Director of Advocacy, Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. 

Melinda Bachini is a 12-year survivor of cholangiocarcinoma. She was diagnosed in 2009 with Stage IV intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Her treatments have included: Liver resection, chemotherapy, clinical trial with Adoptive Cell Therapy, and pembrolizumab.

Melinda is married and the mother of six children. She is passionate about patient advocacy. Her personal experience with the previous and current treatments allows for great insight to patients participating in clinical trials. Her function as moderator of the cholangiocarcinoma discussion board, allows Melinda to interact, support and educate others touched by this cancer. She shares her story with as many cancer patients as possible in hopes of giving courage to those in need.

Listen in as Melinda shares her perspective as a patient and advocating for Cholangiocarcinoma. 

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