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The On-Air Advocate

Sep 27, 2020

As we spotlight Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I am so excited to welcome , Jessica Cook, Vice President of Patient and Family Services and Lori Millner, VP of Marketing at The National Children’s Cancer Society.
Ms. Cook joined The National Children’s Cancer Society in May, 2000. In her capacity as Vice President, Ms. Cook oversees all programs and services benefitting children with cancer and their families in the United States. Her responsibilities include development, management, and evaluation of all program services, strategic planning, staff supervision, budgeting, grant writing and outreach. Ms. Cook has been an integral part of the department evolution from providing financial assistance to families confronted by childhood cancer, to incorporating all aspects of patient advocacy, education, emotional support, and survivorship for those diagnosed with pediatric cancer.
Lori Millner spent the majority of her career working in an ad agency business followed by having her own consulting practice. After doing that for more than five years, Lori decided she wanted to contribute her expertise to something more meaningful and looked for an opportunity in nonprofit. She discovered that The National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS) was looking for its first director of marketing and she submitted her resume. Lori was hired and subsequently promoted to its first VP of marketing. Ten and a half years later she still is reaping great satisfaction from working with such an important organization.
The Mission of the NCCS-
The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) provides emotional, financial and educational support to children with cancer, their families and survivors.
Listen in as Jessica and Lori share all about the history of the NCCS, current program services that they offer and how you can join them in spreading awareness, giving support and making a huge impact on Childhood Cancer.
The National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS)