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The On-Air Advocate

Feb 10, 2021

As we continue our Heart of it All Series for American Heart Month, I am so excited to welcome, Dr. Nicole Lohr, Cardiologist & Board President, American Heart Association.
Dr. Nicole Lohr is the current Board President of the Metro Milwaukee Board of Directors for the American Heart Association. She is also a cardiologist at the Zablocki VA Medical Center, as well as an Associate Professor and the Medical Director of Cardiovascular Clinical Trials at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Not enough women know that heart disease is their greatest health threat. Among females ages 20 and older, 44.7% had some form of cardiovascular disease, and 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease at some point in their lives. Paying attention to risk factors and living a healthy lifestyle can help keep heart disease at bay.Women’s heart attack symptoms can also be different than symptoms in men, so it is very important than women know what to look for.
Dr. Lohr is passionate about the mission of the American Heart Association and volunteers her time, sharing important heart health information and educating women on what they can do to lessen their risk.
Listen in as Dr. Lohr shares the importance of women's heart health and making sure your listening to your body.
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