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The On-Air Advocate

Feb 27, 2019

As we continue our Rare Disease Awareness Interview Series , I am excited to welcome, Kerry Morgan Hughes,M.Ed Harmony 4 Hope Founder and President

Kerry combines her passion for education and music to impact the landscape of Rare Disease. Merging music and storytelling, the mission of Harmony 4 Hope (H4H) is to fuel scientific discoveries in rare disease, educate future healthcare practitioners and researchers and uplift children and affected families through The H4H Rare Playlists.

In 2009, inspired by the 350 million people worldwide collectively impacted by 7,000 distinct rare diseases, Kerry began her journey in Rare Disease Activism. Half of the people impacted by these diseases are children and 35% of these children will not live to see their 5th birthday. Education and early diagnosis can improve quality of life and potentially save lives! The H4H Rare Storytellers Program was created to empower patients and directly address this educational need. The program currently runs in Chicago and Milwaukee with a Boston Chapter anticipated to launch in the Fall of 2019.

Listen in as Kerry shares more about rare disease, Harmony 4 Hope, upcoming events, & how you can get involved.

Harmony 4 Hope

Events Sites:
Marquette University
Medical College of Wisconsin
Rush-University Medical Center Other Services
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine