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The On-Air Advocate

Sep 27, 2020

As we spotlight Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I am so excited to welcome, Christina Gonzalez, Advocate & Founder Go Gold For Childhood Cancer.
Christina advocates for children with cancer. She is a passionate advocate due to her own experiences and life long illnesses. Christina was 11 months old when her journey with chronic pain began. While she was advocating and making sure childhood illnesses were not over looked, she discovered childhood cancer. Christina was heartbroken by the lack of funding and knew she had to be a voice for these children.
In March of 2014, GoGoldForChildhoodCancer was formed. Christina and her friend ran the page until together till 2017, then Christina took it over solo. Christina personally understands how incredibly hard this journey can be and continues to be an amazing advocate and voice for others.
Listen in as Christina shares with us her personal journey with chronic illness and more about the mission & impact that Go Gold For Childhood Cancer has been able to provide. Plus, how you can support and help spread the word about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month šŸŽ—