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The On-Air Advocate

Jan 18, 2019

As we continue our 2019 Reset Series, I am excited to welcome back, Robin Richards, M.A., E.d.S. Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Founder and Coach of MamasMomentum. 


Listen in as we are talking health and wellness with Robin Richards, founder and teacher of MamasMomentum and a WW coach (Weight Watchers Leader). 


We will discuss Robin’s personal journey with evolving her health and wellness through a focus on mindset partnered with practicing yoga for almost three decades. Robin’s journey with practicing yoga and integrating it as part of improving overall health of mind, body and spirit is inspired by her journey to transform childhood trauma into triumph.


We will also be introduced to yoga and the multiple styles of practice that exist. We will learn the benefits for mind, body and spirit that yoga provides for everybody with every body. As an added bonus, we will learn two breathing techniques to improve focus and clarity as well as expel toxins to support detoxification.


~ MamasMomentum

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