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The On-Air Advocate

Aug 27, 2019

As our Back To School & Transition Series wrap up week is here 📚 I am excited to welcome tomorrow’s show, Lori Albers,
CRS, CYSHCN Project Manager-Family Engagement & Family Advisory Committee/E-Advisory Team.

Listen in as Lori shares with us “Communicating in a Supportive Role”. This training highlights the benefits of communicating with others, creating a safe space for sharing, and how to be an active listener. We also will discuss what occurs in the body regarding chronic stress, chronic sorrow and the healing benefits of peer support.

🚨Make sure to PRINT off your August Broadcast Guide @ ➡️ :…/back-to-school-and-transiti… it includes lineup, showtimes & topics 😉

Parent to Parent of Wisconsin
Southeast Regional Center Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs