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The On-Air Advocate

Mar 14, 2021

As we spotlight National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month , I am excited to welcome to the show, Stephen Estrada, Manager of Community Engagement at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.
About Stephen: At 28, I was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome and inoperable, stage 4 colorectal cancer. After being told I had about a year left to live, I became an advocate for young-onset colorectal cancer. I also became an advocate for my health and my care.
After 2 surgeries--one causing internal hemorrhaging during recovery that nearly killed me--chemotherapy, and a lot of research, I fired my care team and went elsewhere. This allowed me the opportunity to join a groundbreaking clinical trial with an experimental immunotherapy drug. I responded incredibly quickly to the drug and spent 5 years on the trial. After a year and a half on the drug, I was declared NED and have remained so, even after stopping treatment in November of 2019.
I have been with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance for three and a half years, where it is an honor to help share the stories of patients and caregivers affected by this disease.
Listen in as Stephen shares his personal journey, all about the Colorectal Cancer Alliance & how you can get involved this month.
Let’s make colorectal health a priority again through our "Get Checked" Screening Pledge.The Screening Pledge will connect you with resources and reminders to get screened for colorectal cancer.
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