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The On-Air Advocate

Dec 28, 2020

As we turn our focus back to National Family Caregivers Month, I am so excited to welcome to tomorrows show, Wendy Garvin Mayo, Nurse Practitioner, Cancer Caregiver Coach, Consultant & Advocate.
Wendy Garvin Mayo is a Nurse Practitioner, Cancer Caregiver Coach, Consultant & Advocate, Author, Speaker. She is also the Founder of SHAPE Partners, a collective resource with the mission of empowering current and former cancer caregivers, family members, and friends in optimizing their mental and physical health.
Wendy has clinical experience in caring for patients with solid tumors and hematology malignancies in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. She also has experience in Oncology Research and Development. She has a natural passion to help cancer patients and caregivers thrive in difficult situations. Wendy’s nursing practice and personal experience have provided her with a firm understanding of the difficulty cancer diagnoses has on caregivers.
A few years ago Wendy’s aunt was diagnosed with glioblastoma and passed away in 2014. Wendy observed her aunts’ transition from sisters to caregivers as they struggled through the initial diagnosis to treatment to hospice and untimely beyond her aunt’s death. Wendy’s professional and personal experiences with cancer caregivers motivated her to found SHAPE Partners and its four pillars – Partnership, Advocacy, Coaching, and Education.
Listen in as Wendy shares the great need for cancer caregiver community’s and strategies to empower cancer caregivers to optimize their mental and physical health through partnership, advocacy, coaching and education.
SHAPE Partners