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The On-Air Advocate

Aug 30, 2020

As we wrap up our Resource Series, I am so excited to welcome, Rhonda Parker, Executive Director & Founder of Parker Autism Center.

Rhonda Parker Executive Director-Founder of Parker Autism Center a 501C3 nonprofit located in Dallas, Texas. Rhonda has a background in nonprofit and forprofit. She has held positions as a Employment Consultant, Mentor Teacher, General and Special Education Teacher, and Transition Specialist. Rhonda received a Resolution from the Stste of Texas as Outstanding Educator snd Suppirt in the field of Special Education. She has served in numerous educational and business organizations. She Founded PAC in 2013. She created a Summer Camp Program focusing on individualized skill development. She believes it is important to foster independence and help individuals with Autism/learning and physical differences achieve their purpose and goals in life. PAC is developing programming offering solutions in Employment Services, Social-Emotional Services and Parent Services. Her motto "Everyone has potential within and given the opportunity they can achieve their personal level of success ."

Listen in as Rhonda shares an overview of the Parker Autism Center (PAC) and Employment Services.

Rhonda Parker