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The On-Air Advocate

Dec 28, 2020

As we celebrate World Kindness Day I am so excited to welcome, Macy Gilson, M.S. CCC-SLP.
Macy is a speech language pathologist, disability advocate and children’s author. While working with children with a multitude of diagnoses, she has cultivated a passion for not only treating their impairments, but sharing their stories. Her goal is to continue spreading awareness and celebrating diversity through her words and her writing.Macy's debut children's book, Kindness is Golden, was published in July 2020. Macy hopes for this to become the first in a series of inclusive children's books to help parents and educators talk to their children about those with disabilities.
Macy is also the owner of Macy Gilson Co., an online shop featuring custom gifts for family and friends of the disability community. The mission of Macy Gilson Co. is to continue to support families with children with disabilities, to spread awareness and inclusion, and most of all, to remind others of the importance of kindness.
Listen in as Macy shares the mission of Macy Gilson Co. and all about her new children's book, Kindness is Golden - Come help us throw around buckets of kindness everywhere