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The On-Air Advocate

Mar 14, 2021

As we wrap up our Alport Awareness Series & support National Kidney & Alport Syndrome Awareness Month, I am so excited to welcome to the show, Cassandra Smith ICU Nurse and Volunteer Patient Advocate, Alport Foundation. 

Cassie Smith, a Kentucky native, is a registered nurse and mom to three young children. She was first diagnosed with Alport syndrome in late childhood. Two of her three children were diagnosed in early 2019. Both her professional and personal experiences make her passionate about patient advocacy. Cassie recently accepted the opportunity to Co-Chair the newly established Emerging Leadership Council for Alport Syndrome Foundation. In this role, she is volunteering with others to better address the unique needs of Alport patients in the 25-35 year old age range. 

Listen in as Cassie shares her journey of rare disease from the perspective of patient, parent and nurse.