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The On-Air Advocate

Nov 13, 2019

As we Celebrate World 🌎 Kindness Day on Wednesday, November 13th. I am excited to welcome back Pete & Dede of Pete's Diary - Pete's Diary envisions a world where everyone has the confidence and courage to communicate with compassion.

Listen in as Pete and Dede share their Mission of...

Nov 7, 2019

As we look to support & spread awareness for World Mental Health Day, I am excited to welcome Chou Hallegra - Author & Speaker, Founder of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC.

Chou Hallegra is a Best-Selling Author, a sought-after Speaker, a Certified Life Coach, and a multi-credentialed Mental Health & Ability Consultant. She...

Nov 7, 2019

As we support & spread awareness for National STOP 🛑 Bullying Day, I am excited to welcome back to the show, Vicki Fitch & Ask Doctor Lulu.

Listen in as we drive awareness, education, resources & ideas to Stomp Out Bullying 👊🏽


Nov 7, 2019

World 🌎 Cerebral Palsy Day Sunday, October 6, 2019- I am so excited to welcome these AMAZING CP Warriors & Advocates Tylia L Flores, Paula Howard-Connelly & Nykiah Connelly💚

Listen in as we are “Getting Ready For World Cerebral Palsy Day”💚💚


Nov 6, 2019

As we turn our focus to World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, I am excited to welcome, C. Grace Whiting, J.D. President and CEO National Alliance for Caregiving.

Listen in as Grace shares great resources, information, tools, supports & the mission of the National Alliance for Caregiving.