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The On-Air Advocate

Feb 13, 2018

Episode 8 - We are going on a journey to explore the amazing world of essential oils w/ my friend, fellow caregiver, advocate & owner of Cindy’s Natural Solutions ~ Cindy Schultz.

Hear about the phenomenal results she has had with her amazing son Gavin who has been gifted with Autism. Plus, the exponential benefits as...

Feb 9, 2018

As we continue this weeks focus on holistic/natural supports, we had the opportunity to chat last month with Ronnie Artero Frederick, LMT, CPMT specializing in infant, pediatric & oncology medical massage services.



KANNAI Therapeutic Massage LLC (

Feb 3, 2018

As we continue our weekly focus on Dementia we take a unique & inspirational journey through the eyes of Nicole Rochester a daughter, caregiver, advocate & MD. Hear how her experiences caring for her father with “Vascular Dementia” recalculated her course & led her on a greater mission Your GPS...

Feb 2, 2018

As we continue our deep dive into the world of Dementia, we take a journey tonight through the eyes of Annalee Kruger, Aging Loved One Family Advisor, Speaker & President of CareRight Inc.

Great Resources:
Alzheimer's Association
Blue Zones Project
Alzheimer's Association, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter

Jan 25, 2018

What if your doctor told you at 20 weeks of pregnancy that your unborn child had no brain? In addition, you were encouraged to terminate your pregnancy. What would you do? Listen as Hydro-Warrior Mom Ms.Lori takes us on her inspirational journey!

*This recording had slight sound issue our apologies*

 Great Resources: